Caring for Employees in Times of Crisis

The World experienced overwhelming loss and heartbreak this week because of the Mass Shooting tragedy in my beautiful city, Las Vegas.  In the aftermath, we witnessed acts of love, compassion, and solidarity to help overshadow an act of evil.  During an unplanned crisis,law enforcement, first responders, and community leaders came together to contain the situation…
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October 7, 2017 0

A NEW LEAVE IN TOWN- Domestic Violence Leave Protection in Nevada

Often, as an HR Professional, I’ve had to deliver the news to my business partners about some new Federal or State regulation which requires compliance. Many times, this news is met with an eye roll, a sigh, and sometimes resistance. I get it. New regulations mean more paperwork and additional “flexibility” for employees. This translates…
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September 28, 2017 3

Flip the Script on Job Descriptions

“It’s time to update job descriptions!” Oh, the eye-rolls. The resistance. The procrastination. Operations managers are busy. Who has time to write job descriptions? Who really reads them anyway? Another “compliance” box to check-off when we have a business to run, customers to handle, and employees to manage? Guilty. I’m guilty of putting Job Descriptions…
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September 12, 2017 1

Does Employee Engagement Really Make a Difference

Does employee engagement really make a difference? When it comes to People, Purpose, and Performance- the hallmarks of Propel HR Solutions- it truly does. Here’s what we know: 84% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively impact the quality of their organization’s products and services, compared to only 31% of disengaged employees. EMPLOYEES WANT…
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September 2, 2017 0