Programming and Planning

Proactive planning is the key to developing an HR program that will meet the mission of your organization. It's never too late to develop a solid HR plan or to employ initiatives to help improve your overall workplace culture.

  • HR program development and administration
  • Workforce planning and design
  • Culture improvement initiatives
  • Strategic planning

Issues and Compliance

It's ideal to ward off potential HR issues through proper planning, policy establishment and management, and thoughtful compliance. But, disputes do arise in every organization. Propel HR Solutions can help.

  • Workplace investigations and mediation
  • Compliance audits
  • Sexual harassment issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Employee policy and handbook development

People and Performance

Propel HR Solutions can help you get the right people under the right terms so you can meet your organizational goals. Propel HR can also help with ongoing employee development and keeping performance optimal.

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Contract negotiation and administration
  • Performance management
  • Training, communication plans, and employee surveys

Financial Matters

It takes planning and resources to develop a solid HR program. It's more than just the salary and hourly wage. Let Propel HR help you to develop compensation packages that take market standards and the whole picture into account.

  • Wage and hourly compensation planning and strategy
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Employee leave management
  • Benefits planning

Next Steps...

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